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'I have to be first prize!' by Type O

We have been collecting blood type data in many different fields and have found that in the field of sports, type O is predominant in all disciplines.

One possible reason for this is that people with type O have more active energy metabolism and are better suited for exercise.

In addition, sports are mostly about "competition" and "winning. Sports culture may have been created in part to satisfy this instinctive competitive spirit.

Of course, the intensity of the competitive spirit may vary from person to person. However, it is Type O that expresses this competitive spirit relatively strongly.

The words "competition" and "win" have been used not only in sports but also in the very structure of modern society. For Type O, who seeks to survive and thrive in society, winning the competition is a clear goal.

Type O is also obsessed with being first.

They think, "If you don't win first place, you don't win!"

Or is it simply a desire to be "the king of the mountain"?

In any case, what I can say from my experience so far is that "Type O likes to win first prize."

It happened to me when I helped with a street performance event in one of our cities.

Our centerpiece was an image song for our blood type. The band that sings that song was at the event.

On the day of the event, many performers gathered backstage to show off their songs and tricks. The vocalist of our group was a type O female. She was full of energy that day, waiting for her cue.

Then a troupe of circus women in glittering costumes entered. Seeing these gorgeous women, the Type O lady's complexion suddenly changed! She immediately took out her costume bag, pulled out a large pink hair ornament and said, "I'm going to wear this!

I'm going to wear this! How do you like it? Oh, I'll wear this too!

I couldn't help but laugh at her O-shapedness.

'Cause they're so show-offy"

She smiled shyly.

Come to think of it, when I observe Indonesian preschoolers, it is usually the type-O girls who wear big, beautifully colored hair ornaments on their heads. The behavior of trying to stand out from other children, or "I am here," is an assertion of individuality and may be linked to a sense of competition.

Recently, some educational guidelines have been suggesting that students should not have a competitive mindset. Certainly there are problems with the competitive society that has existed to date. However, there is still a sense of uneasiness in simply denying this.

From the viewpoint of "blood type anthropology," it seems more important to teach children "the right way to compete" in order to foster a healthier social life. Children naturally learn how to win better, lose better, etc. by experiencing various situations, including winning and losing.

Type O children, in particular, learn to control their competitive nature without exposing it unnecessarily. In a group, they determine their place in the group by measuring the power relationship between themselves and others.

For Type O, learning to naturally balance power and strength with one's peers at an early age is extremely important.

And once again, I would like to look to the future. It is true that people's attitudes are currently changing as a result of an overly competitive society. Ideally, a society based on "competition" will disappear and be replaced by one that truly respects all individuals. If this happens, the way of life of Type O may naturally change.

The fact that Type O has used the tool of "competition" as a means of self-expression is most clearly shown in human society to date. If the rules of society change in the future, it is conceivable that Type O will choose a way of life that fits this reality.


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